P-SEA to provide entrepreneurship skills training to 1 Million – The Nation

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Posted by Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy on Monday, December 7, 2015

LAHORE – Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy (P-SEA) has announced to provide entrepreneurship skills training to 1 million educated unemployed youth across Pakistan.

Muhammad Siddique is the founder of this entrepreneurship academy and Jason Gilbert is the master trainer.

Muhammad Siddique said that the Online Social Entrepreneurship Education, a project of Al-Sharif Foundation, has already started its training programme throughout the country, with registration reaching almost 55,000 students in just three months.

He said that Entrepreneurship Academy is providing trainings to youth to become an online social entrepreneur, which is endorsed and supported by the world’s most trusted leaders.

He said that Academy is 100% funded by the old generous students, who repay their tuition fee after getting employed, which is recycled to finance other students.

Muhammad Siddique observed: “We help people through entrepreneurial philanthropy, which means instead of giving someone a fish, give people a fishing pole and teach how to fish for life.

It’s so difficult to find employment for so many of our deserving youth, so Social Entrepreneurship Academy teaches them how to earn dollars online from home.
We teach them how to make their own wealth, and be their own boss, setting their own work schedule.

We provide them the education and as a charity, we have sponsors who provide a donation for 100% of the tuition.

Siddique calls it a ‘lonation’ because it’s a donation, but the students repay the money from their earnings, which is used to sponsor another student.

So, when a generous donor sponsors one of our students, he really sponsors many students and the impact of the assistance grows and grows, he added.
Siddique said that P-SEA is the world’s first self-funding charity.